Saturday, December 26, 2009

merry christmas

christmas was fun this year, but a bit crazy. of course i got only four hours of sleep on christmas eve. everything felt very last minute for me. we had christmas at our house again this year. i love having it here but really would like to be more prepared. i'm not sure how to do that but i will keep trying. the kids had so much fun. miles and i were very excited to get up and put their gifts under the tree. dahlia and mason got a tricycle and a big wheel. it was cute to watch the kids ride their new toys. connor got a book but i suspect it will be a while before he really enjoys it.

we made a much more simple dinner this year. we had beef tenderloin and a delicious baked salmon. this was served with a green salad made with gorgonzola cheese, candied walnuts and dried cranberries, and side dishes of asparagus and au gratin potatoes. the whole meal came together very quickly. this was much better than last year when we spent the whole day cooking.

connor slept through most of his first christmas. he enjoyed all the attention from everyone. dahlia had a blast playing with her cousins. i think her favorite gift was a pair of pink rain boots from my mother. she would not take them off. mason spent most of the day playing with bodhi's new train set. his train obsession continues.

all in all it was a great christmas. next year i will be more prepared and not do so much last minute rushing around. ha ha.

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Welcome said...

You should come over to my parent's house with Mason some time. My dad & brother built a huge train layout in the attic. My brother loves showing people & running the trains.