Monday, December 7, 2009


the kids went to a birthday party for a friend on sunday. it was at a kids gym. a real kids gym with mats and bars and balance beams. they had trampolines. it was kid heaven. it reminded me of a gym i used to go to as a child. i took gymnastic lessons when i was little and loved it. mason and dahlia loved the gym. mason is usually shy and doesn't participate in party activities such as bounce houses so i was amazed when he jumped right in and wanted to try everything available. he was so cute hanging on the ropes and bars, sliding into a big foam pit, and jumping on the trampoline. dahlia of course was not shy at all and had a blast following mason and jumping right along side of him. what a great idea for a birthday party.

i am definitely going to look into classes for the kids at this place. i would love to get them into some organized activities. miles thinks it is a bit too girly for a boy. i don't think so. i think it would be fun to get some exercise and build your muscles.

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