Friday, May 7, 2010

school fair

zena invited us to attend her school fair this year. we have been going every year with her. we love it. it is so funny to think that i used to attend the same school fair when i was her age. things haven't changed very much. they still have the "cake walk" game. the rules have changed a bit and you walk in a circle to music and then land on a number when the music stops. if your number is picked then you win a cake. it used to be more of a musical chairs game with everyone scrambling to sit in a chair. i never wanted to play. i was a scrawny girl and would easily be pushed out of the way. all the kids played this year and zena won. christina was disappointed to find that most of the donated cakes were store bought. doesn't anyone bake anymore? they no longer have the "win a goldfish by tossing a ping pong ball into the cups" game. that was always my favorite and i loved coming home with a goldfish to care for.

the kids got to play about half of the games before i decided to relocate us to the playground. it was a bit chaotic with three little ones for me to look after. of course we didn't leave the fair before enjoying some cotton candy. this sticky treat has become a favorite for mason.

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Anonymous said...

About the store-bought cakes: it's possible that they have a liability issue. The school cannot control how homemade cakes are made or transported--whether they are safe, that is--and can't afford to be sued if someone gets sick from a donated cake. It's a contemporary problem, one that senior centers and churches deal with these days. Granny