Saturday, May 29, 2010

a sidewalk

friday was fun. i took the kids tricycle and big wheel to my mom's house so they could ride. we live in the hills so we don't have any sidewalks for the kids to enjoy. at our house they ride their bikes around the bricks on the patio but it really isn't enough room. i thought it would be fun for them to get to ride on a real sidewalk. they loved it. mason was so fast on his big wheel and dahlia did a great job keeping up on her tricycle. i have done this a couple of times now and it is so cute to see them play. the first time bodhi and zena joined us so we had a big group. i think this will become a regular thing for us. it is so easy to just throw the bikes in the back of the car and take them on the road. it makes taking a walk even more fun and i love not having to push a double stroller. who knew you could miss having such a simple thing as a sidewalk.

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