Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the trolly train

we met my friend kimberly and her adorable daughter maya last week. we went to the americana at brand. they call it a shopping and entertainment resort. it does have the feel of a resort. it reminds me of vegas. they have a large dancing fountain designed by the same company that created the one for the bellagio. they also have a free trolly train that will take you for a ride around the center. mason loves the trolly train. he gets so excited to ride it.

kimberly and i usually get coffee before we ride the trolly and then we take the kids to the bookstore to hang out and look at books. i do think it is funny how bookstores seem to have taken the place of libraries for us lately. they have all these cute tables and corners in the kid section to sit and read.

after the trolly ride mason had to use the bathroom and i was floored when i saw how nice they were. we went to use the bathrooms in lobby of the parking garage. there was a huge room in the back that had large family style restrooms, changing table rooms with complimentary diapers and wipes, mommy breastfeeding rooms, and a large playroom at the end of the hall with a chalk board, blocks and a huge flat screen tv playing disney movies for the kids. we ended up just hanging out in the bathroom for an hour letting the kids play while we talked.

we had so much fun we met at the americana again this morning for a free kid concert on the grass. little maya was so cute. it was really fun to hang out with them. next week we are going to the zoo.

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