Monday, September 13, 2010

crayon art

arts and crafts today. miles and i were reminiscing about how we made crayon art out of crayon shavings and a warm iron when we were kids. we decided our kids would not be robbed of this experience so he spent at least an hour shaving crayons into ziplock baggies. mason was very distraught by this. "not my crayons from the restaurant, those are my special crayons." he was very against the shaving of the crayons even though he never uses these "special" crayons from california pizza kitchen. i usually only let them color with washable crayons because dahlia will still color her clothes and the walls.

after miles finished ruining the crayons we set up the project. the kids were supposed to take the shavings and make some kind of pattern or picture on wax paper and then put another piece of wax paper on top and melt the crayons with a warm iron. miles was in charge of the iron. this whole project held their interest for at least ten minutes or was it only two? they did manage to each make one picture. i can't wait to try this again. i am going to do a little research and figure out what else we can do with shaved crayons. i feel like we need a little more direction for them. perhaps it was a little too abstract.

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