Monday, September 6, 2010

last day of summer

so what do you do on the last day of summer vacation? wash the cars. oh yes. this was something that really needed to happen around here. i did not want to drop my kid off at kindergarten (gasp) with a super filthy car. luckily the kids didn't realize this is a chore. they just think it is a fun activity to do with the hose. we somehow managed to sucker jen, ray and bodhi into helping us. we did help them wash their car but we had two cars that needed washing. i think we got the better deal. for sure. we bribed them with dinner and wine. it was actually fun to wash the cars with everyone helping. after all that hard work we enjoyed a nice dinner of barbecue chicken and potato salad. such a classic american meal. noooo summer can't be ending. it is too soon. more, more please.

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