Sunday, September 19, 2010

the sand box

we are getting things ready for mason's birthday party. he is having a pirate party this year, so in preparation for a party game i finally convinced miles to fill our sand box with sand. we have had an empty sand box that is part of our swing set for over two years. miles has always been against the idea of putting sand into the box because he is worried that sand will be everywhere. mostly that the sand will be brought into our house and ruin the hardwood floors. he is right. i spent the evening sweeping up all the sand on our kitchen floor. oops.

i don't think mason and dahlia even knew there was a sandbox at the bottom of the swing set. we always kept the cover on it. they were so excited when we spent yesterday cleaning the swing set and then surprised them by filling their "new" sand box with sand. it was just like christmas around here. i really thought it was adorable when first thing this morning mason jumped out of bed and ran outside to play in the sand. even connor loves the sand box. today miles relaxed a bit about the sand mess and put a big bucket of water outside our kitchen door for them to wash their feet before them come inside. this seems to be working and i think we can all be happy now.

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