Thursday, September 9, 2010

first day of school

mason had his first day at kindergarten yesterday. he was so cute and woke up at 6 am all excited to go. i was so relieved to see him in a good mood. we loaded up the whole family to drive him to school. miles and i were a bit shocked at how much traffic there was and we ended up parking the car so far away that it took 20 minutes to walk him to class. we were ten minutes late. ugh. i was really feeling like a crappy parent. not only is my kid starting school a week later than everyone else he is now late for his first day. oh well, it will not happen again. i am determined to get him to school on time from now on.

today was much worse than yesterday. we made it to school early but apparently the excitement of the first day has passed and mason did not want to go to class today. he was really upset and ended up screaming and crying the whole time while we waited in line for his teacher to get there. he was having a complete meltdown. i felt so bad for him. he really is very young and has never been in any preschool. he just kept saying he wanted to go back to the car and screamed. it really took all my willpower to not just take him home. the teacher told me the best thing to do is just to leave him and let him adjust. i did just leave and she later told me that he stopped crying in about fifteen minutes. i still don't know if he is ready for kindergarten.

the teacher tested him on his letter recognition and sounds and told me he did very well. she said that was very good but she also feels he is young compared to the other students and might do better if he started next year. she did tell me it was really too soon to tell though and we would just see how he does in the next couple of weeks. personally i think i would much rather wait and enroll him next year. i never intended for him to start this year and then at the last moment we decided to just give it a try. i also have a biased opinion. he is my baby and i can't tell if i am just being over protective by wanting him home with me for another year. is it mason that is not ready for kindergarten or just me?


Marisa said...

Kinder is a huge step Sherry. I'm sure Mason will have a great time. He's a super bright kid. Addison loves it and is learning a lot about being nice to classmates and about writing out letters. He's overall adjusting to it much faster than I am, that's for sure! Take care.

Anonymous said...

Dirk didn't get kindergarten, but he was in a preschool type day care for a short time at the age of three while I worked a temp job. I left him in the morning of the first day, screaming and crying, because I had to get to work; when I arrived to pick him up in the afternoon I saw him before he saw me and he was just fine. As soon as he saw me he started crying as if he'd been at it all day. I asked the staff about that and they told me he stopped as soon as I was out of sight when I left him in the morning. Apparently he just wanted me to feel guilty for leaving him! He adjusted okay, but the job (and his day care) didn't last more than a few weeks.
I hope Mason outgrows that activity soon.
Love, Mom/Granny