Sunday, October 31, 2010


we had a busy halloween this year. miles and i were so happy to get to enjoy it with the kids because last year we missed it. we dressed the kids up as characters from peter pan. mason was captain hook, dahlia was tinkerbell, and connor was peter pan.

in the early afternoon we went to my church where they had a huge fair. there were games to play for candy and some carnival rides. we met the rest of my family there. bodhi and zena played games with dahlia while mason took a nap in the stroller. he was being tired and cranky so we let him sleep. the fair was really fun. i wish we would have planned to be there longer. the kids wanted to go on rides but there was not much time before we had to be off to our next destination. we decided to skip the rides and just let them play on the church playground for a bit.

after we finished playing we headed over to our friend kristi's house. she and her husband had a huge crowd over for pizza and salads before going trick-or-treating. i was surprised how many people were there. things were pretty chaotic through dinner and trick-or-treating. i really didn't get any pictures of our day. i was having a really hard time keeping track of everyone. their neighborhood had lots of people trick-or-treating. it was crazy. big crowds at all the houses. the kids loved it. it was a long day and miles and i were so happy to get home and put on a not so scary movie (zombieland) and relax. happy halloween.

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Anonymous said...

The costumes are adorable--wish I'd seen them all done up. But I have to call attention to one glaring error in your description; it's not Captain COOK (it's HOOK in Peter Pan). Cook was a real explorer, by the way.