Sunday, October 31, 2010

peter pan

i sewed connor's halloween costume. of course this was started two days before halloween, and finished on halloween eve. he is going to be peter pan. so cute. mason wanted to be captain hook and dahlia wanted to be tinkerbell so i thought peter pan would be a perfect costume for the trio. i found this cool tutorial on make it and love it. it looked pretty easy so i decided to just make it myself.

all the supplies were bought at joann's for less than $15.00. so good. i did end up buying pants from target though. i didn't think it was worth it to make my own. the top is made from fleece which is the easiest fabric to use ever. it doesn't unravel when you cut it. it also feels like a nice soft blanket so connor will love it. i also sewed a belt, knife, and hat from some felt. i did have a little trouble getting the right size for the hat. the first one i cut was too small. the pattern doesn't give any measurments so you just have to try it and see. the final step was to hot glue in the feather and i was done. so easy. i think the costume is adorable. i can't wait for him to wear it.

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