Saturday, October 30, 2010

bats and scarecrows

pumpkin carving time. we let dahlia and mason art direct the carving and dahlia requested a bat while mason wanted a scarecrow. whatever happened to just carving a face? i tried to convince them that a jack-o-lantern needed a face but they were having none of it so we gave in and carved the bat and scarecrow.

i was impressed with mason. he rolled up his sleeves and dug in to help clean out the pumpkin. this was a great improvement over last year where he wouldn't touch the pumpkin guts at all. he was still very concerned that his sleeves would get pumpkin yuck on them and ended up just taking off his shirt. dahila was no help at all. she thought carving the pumpkin was too messy. i always thought cleaning all the guts out was the best part. so fun to get your hands all slimy. i thought they turned out pretty good, though i still think a face would be better.

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