Tuesday, October 5, 2010

mason is five

so today is mason's real birthday. miles and i took dahlia and connor with us and brought cupcakes to his kindergarten class. i made chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. i had just enough left over pirate plates and napkins from his party so i didn't have to buy any more. i drew some lines and a large x on the cupcake to make it look like a treasure map. i thought they turned out cute. and in true last minute me fashion i was piping the last cupcake 10 minutes before we needed to leave the house.

i loved visiting his class. oh my gosh, the kids are all so adorable. i don't know how the teacher does it. she had the whole room filled with 24 five and six year old children sitting quietly and listening to her. umm i could never accomplish that with just the three of my kids. i was literally staring in awe thinking she is super woman.

the teacher gave mason a crown that said i am 5 and we all sang happy birthday. then he got to choose someone to sit with and they all got to have their cupcake. mason of course chose his new best friend andrew. this cute little boy that looks just like him. they are less than 10 days apart in age and have the same little beatle haircut. i loved watching him interact with his friends. it was just adorable. after finishing their treat it was time to go home and they all lined up by the door to sing a little song before walking out. oh my gosh. i wish i could spy on them everyday. crazy cute.

as for my little man mason. he is just a doll. so sweet and mushy. he still insists on giving us lots of hugs and kisses. he is still a little on the small side. he weighs 36 pounds and is 42.5 inches tall. i have become quite sentimental watching him lately. he is such a loving little boy. he is definitely not in a hurry to grow up and that is just fine with me. i like him just the way he is.

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ray said...

That first picture totally makes me think that I need to get Mason a wolf-suit to cause mischief in...