Sunday, October 17, 2010

the pumpkin patch

it's pumpkin patch time. christina and i took all five kids to the pumpkin patch on saturday. we have gone here every year. this year we didn't stay very long. it was raining just a little bit and the kids were cold. i think they got too cold because they insisted on eating snow cones. brrrrr. i do think the cold was a huge improvement over last year where it was over 100 degrees. i like the fall weather much better.

the highlight of this visit was the face painting. dahila got a heart, bodhi got a spider and zena got a pumpkin. mason didn't want to get his face painted. he was content to just pick a pumpkin. he picked a really tall skinny one. i was trying to convince him to pick one that is more round but he kept going back to the same one saying "this one." so we have a tall skinny pumpkin that will need to be carved this year. it will be fun to carve it. i love carving pumpkins. yay for the pumpkin patch. the holiday festivities have begun.

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