Monday, December 26, 2011

christmas day

wow. what a busy day we had. hosting christmas is really a lot of work. i was a crazy person on christmas eve trying to finish all the wrapping, setting up, cleaning, and cooking. i only got two hours of sleep.

i was super happy that i got the house looking so beautiful for christmas morning. i really wanted to get some good pictures to capture the moment. i didn't get any good pictures though. miles forgot to charge his camera battery and my camera kind of sucks so all i have are some blurry photos that i took and a couple from later in the day with miles' camera. i think i should have asked for a good camera from santa.

we did have a really nice christmas though. miles' mom spent the night on christmas eve so she was here to watch the kids open their gifts from santa. mason got a lego queen anne pirate ship, dahlia got a pink big wheel, and connor got a cute little red tricycle.

my family came over around one o'clock. it was nice to have them come over a little later and not worry about serving breakfast to everyone. we all exchanged gifts with each other and then we made a super yummy dinner. beef tenderloin, broiled salmon, au gratin potatoes, green beans, and salad. for dessert my mom made her delicious blinchiki and the boys brought some pie. everything was so good.

i loved having christmas at my house. it is so fun to have everyone over. of course i really hope i can soon learn the art of entertaining and enjoying the party at the same time instead of running around like a crazy person. merry christmas.

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