Sunday, December 11, 2011

the soda shop

i took the kids to our favorite christmas party. miles decided he wasn't feeling well so he skipped it this year. i didn't mind going by myself. i met my family there and had fun talking to everyone. the kids were excited to see their cousins and run around.

the party is held at our friend's car shop and they have a bunch of little rooms filled with memorabilia so that they look like little movie sets. all the kids loved playing in the fake soda shop pretending to eat plastic ice cream sundaes and pancakes. after the soda shop we moved next door to the fake saloon and the kids played the piano and put nickles in the slot machine. there was tons of yummy food although i think mason and dahlia only ate the cookies. we didn't stay too late but the little ones all fell asleep during the ride home.

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