Thursday, December 22, 2011

christmas elves

yay. the christmas cards are done. true to our tradition of procrastination we sent them out on the 22nd. i had to get up crazy early to print, cut, and label them. i don't think i am going to do it this way next year. i think i might use a service like shutterfly or something. it is just too much work.

the theme for the cards this year was going to be elves working in a toy shop. inspired by my favorite christmas movie elf. i bought these cute matching elf pajamas for the kids and we set up a photo shoot at home to look like they are working in a toy shop. this did not work out at all. none of the photos looked right and i never found all the props i wanted to use like a jack in the box. luckily in between me setting up the next toy making shot miles had the kids sit in front of the fire and just took some candid shots of them together. long after the kids were asleep and miles and i went through the photos it became clear that my idea wasn't going to work. i was so happy to see that we had a really great picture of the three of them that we could use for the cover instead. i think this is the only picture we have ever taken where all three kids are smiling. i love it. i also like that you can see they are wearing matching pajamas. miles did the cute little illustrations for the frame and that was it.

the whole process took so much longer this year. i thought i would have them in the mail on tuesday but here it is already thursday before they went out. oh well. at least we did it!

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