Wednesday, December 14, 2011

visit with santa

today i met jen in orange county after mason got out of school. we wanted to take the kids to visit santa. ugh. the visit to santa is always so stressful for me. i almost never get a good picture. there is at least one child that doesn't want to sit with santa. this year it was connor that was most afraid. i did get him to sit on santa's lap for a little while before he decided that was not where he wanted to be. mason was good but he kept making these strained smiles that looked terrible. i actually had to go through the line again and try to get a better picture the second time. they did turn out better but i still think it is not a great picture. i don't think i will be handing these out to friends and family.

at least they got to tell santa what they wanted for christmas. a big wheel for dahlia and a queen anne's revenge lego set for mason. connor kept his wish a secret.

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