Sunday, December 11, 2011

picking out a tree

today was busy. we are definitely in the middle of the christmas rush. so many things to do. i love all the excitement. miles and i took the kids out this afternoon to pick out a tree. we always go to home depot. the trees are not very expensive and we can always find a good one. the down side of not going to a tree lot is that the trees are usually all tied up and bunched together so you have to cut the strings off and fluff out the tree to see what it really looks like. it is very much a help yourself situation. we usually make miles show us at least three before we find a good one.

it was nice to go during the day. the weather was mild and the kids were having so much fun looking at all the trees. we are usually freezing when we pick out our tree. of course we didn't have time to decorate it yet. it is in our living room all green and ready to be trimmed with lights and ornaments. waiting for some love. hopefully we will get to do that tomorrow.

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