Sunday, July 29, 2012

world's biggest dinosaurs

on the drive home from the river we stopped for a potty break in cabazon which is just outside of palm springs. we were surprised to see two enormous dinosaurs next to us. we luckily had stopped at the worlds biggest dinosaur museum.

i was suprised when miles offered to take the kids in for a tour. he usually wants to rush home. the kids were so excited. we first climbed the stairs inside the 150 foot long apatosaurus which is also a gift shop to buy our tickets. it was $7.95 for adults and $6.95 for kids but ages two and under were free. we figured we might as well do it then because it was unlikely that we would be stopping there in the future.

it was kind of a trippy place. the first room you go in has the robotic dinosaurs that move their heads and make noise. there were even a couple of dinosaurs that the kids could sit on and you could pay to have them move. it was a little weird. there are all these bible quotes everywhere and signs that say "by design not by chance."

the rest of the place has the dinosaurs outside. there is a super huge t-rex you can climb into and look out his teeth at the top. it is four stories high. we took a picture of the kids all sitting by his teeth. these are the same dinosaurs that were in the movie pee wee's big adventure for those of you who remember that movie.

the rest of the features include a dino dig where you look for rocks with dinosaurs names on them. you can turn them in for a souvenir. there was also a crystal mine where you could sift through sand to look for crystals. the "crystals" they have that you can keep are really just painted rocks but you could buy a real bag of crystals in sand to sift for $10.00. dahlia had lots of fun picking out colored rocks to take home.

it was kind of cheesy but so much fun for the kids. there are lots of huge dinosaurs and connor was in heaven. he still in fascinated with dinosaurs. they all left with their free tiny dinosaur souvenir. i loved that we stopped there. it reminded me of the days when miles and i would take road trips and stop at random road side attractions just for fun.

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