Tuesday, October 30, 2012

connor is three

today is connor's real birthday. he is officially three! this crazy cute kid is just bursting with personality. he is so happy. always laughing and smiling. i love that he has become a little boy. i always find little rocks and lego's in his pockets when i go to do laundry. he loves to be barefoot. it is impossible to keep shoes on him for any length of time.

dahlia and connor spend a lot of time playing together. connor loves ninjago and he and dahlia will play the princess and the ninja where connor protects her from evil forces. they also love to cook together on their play stove. they steal vegetables from the refrigerator and make me salads. the salads are really quite good. they are filled with bell pepper, cucumber, and cherry tomatoes. i let them cut the veggies with a butter knife on their little cutting board.

connor is still not potty trained and he still has a bottle at night. i really need to work on these things. it is time for him to be a big boy. he is really smart. he knows all his letters already. he likes to pick out letter shapes from things he finds in nature. he will bring a tree branch to me and say "look a Y." it is really cute.

he also loves to spend time with mason. mostly they will play video games together on the ipad. mason will also help connor build with legos.

happy birthday connor. i love you so much.

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