Saturday, October 13, 2012

rock star party

we went to our friend's party for their son nicky today. he is turning four. they always have the best parties. nicky's mom goes over the top with all her clever decorations and both her and her husband are so much fun to hang out with. the party is just as fun for the adults as the kids.

this time they had a rock star theme. there was a vip station when you walked in where the kids all got back stage passes and wristbands to wear. they had a little drum set and other little instruments for kids to play. connor loved rocking out on the drums. there was karaoke machine set up for the kids or adults to sing. i of course avoided any singing. there was tons of yummy food including a taco bar and a dessert station filled with microphone shaped cupcakes, caramel apples, and guitar shaped cookies. everything was adorable and delicious. they even had a bounce house for the kids to do some jumping.

we stayed until it got dark. when it was time to leave all the kids took home a goody bag filled with their own play microphone and a blow up guitar. the kids were all exhausted after such a fun day and fell asleep right after their bathes.

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