Monday, October 29, 2012

monster party

i had a combo party for the boys again this year. i figure i might as well do it while i can. we had a monster theme. i thought this would be great for both a three and seven year old and take advantage of the fact that the party is so close to halloween.

i had tons of ideas for their monster party. i of course ran out of time and didn't get around to most of them but i still think the party was fun. we had a bounce house for the kids to jump in. there was also a small crafting station where the kids could make monster lollypops with foam stickers and googly eyes. they could also make a halloween eye mask and decorate it with stickers. miles set up the giant spin art box so the kids could make spin art paintings with glow in the dark paint and halloween colors. this is always a big hit with the kids.

for food we had a taco bar with chicken and carne asada and a variety of salsa's. we had chips and guacamole, a fruit salad, rice, beans, ceasar salad, quesadillas, and a seven layer dip. there was a large selection of food to choose from. for dessert jen made monster cookies and i made chocolate cupcakes that miles decorated to look like monsters. we also made jello in individual cups with our party colors of orange, green, and purple.

i glued googly eyes on all the plastic cups. this was a lot of fun and they looked so cute. it's funny how just a pair of eyes can make something look like a monster. i also made monster faces on all the goody bags and filled them with a wooden monster craft, mini reese's peanut butter cups with eyes glued on, some vampire fangs, monster rings, and some stickers.

it was a really fun party. the kids all had a blast running around. i had fun talking to all my friends. happy birthday my little monsters. i love you tons.

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