Friday, October 12, 2012

the mermaid and the clone trooper

i got mason and dahlia's costumes for halloween. dahlia wanted to be princess ariel which of course is perfect for her. mason wanted to be a clone trooper from star wars. i bought their costumes this year and didn't force them to have a matching theme like i usually do. i figured they should be what they want to be. they were so excited when we got home they quickly dressed up and played outside. it was so funny to see mason as a clone trooper. with that mask you can't even tell it is him. he looks kind of scary.

connor doesn't want to dress up. i am going to buy him some spiderman pajamas that i am thinking i can get him to wear. he said he wanted to be spiderman in the store but then he would not let me try the costume on him. he just started screaming. i didn't want to spend money on an expensive costume if he wouldn't wear it. i figure with the pajamas we can use them later on. if he won't wear the spiderman pajamas then my back up plan is to put him in his skeleton pajamas. he loves those.

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