Friday, May 10, 2013

mommy and me

dahlia had a mommy and me day at her preschool today. it was so cute. all the moms got to go to class for the last hour and spend time with their child.

there were various tables set up with crafts and projects. first we played with pink playdough cutting out shapes and decorating it with jewels. then there was another table set up with flowerpots for each child to decorate with markers and stickers. after you were done decorating you could take it outside to fill with a flower and some soil.

we enjoyed little chocolate chip cookies and pink lemonade for a snack. they had a painting station outside where dahlia painted a picture for me. we also looked at all her artwork around the room and played with some of the toys.

it was so sweet. i just love her school. it was such a fun day and i loved how proud she was to show me all the things she does there. i feel so lucky to have found such a wonderful school.

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