Thursday, May 2, 2013

huntington gardens

we went to the huntington library today. we had tickets for their free day. jen and ray met us there with bodhi and kira. miles and i took dahlia and connor. poor mason was at school so he missed it. i got tickets for next month so he will be able to go then. it was crazy hot today. it was good we went first thing in the morning. by afternoon it was almost 100 degrees out.

we just walked around all the gardens. we never get to see the galleries. the kids are happy to be outside. it was beautiful. we went to the children's garden first. the kids love to play in the water and run through the rainbow tunnel. it has been a really long time since we have been there. we also walked around the chinese garden. connor loves to look at the koi fish.

i was so happy to go on an outing during the week. jen and ray stayed for the kids gym class and then we all had dinner together. it was such a fun day.

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