Monday, May 20, 2013

it's slime

mason and i went to a mad science party at his school a couple of nights ago and mason was inspired by the scientist guy that did a performance on stage featuring simple experiments.

so this morning miles pulled out our magic school bus chemistry set that mason got for christmas and we did some experiments of our own. mason picked experiment number 34. how to make slime, and then number 35, turn your slime into a bouncy ball.

the experiment basically uses borax, glue, and water to make the slime. you can add food coloring to color your slime. we made ours blue. then you add corn starch to turn it into a bouncy ball. the kids loved this experiment. it was super easy and they could do most of it themselves. they were so into it. they had to put on their goggles before we started. the ball we ended up with was pretty sticky. i looked online and saw some that looked way better than ours. ours was pretty flat by then end of the day. if we do this again i think i might try a different recipe. it was fun though.

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