Friday, May 24, 2013

the boys room

i have been meaning to write a post about our new boys and girls room but i never got around to taking pictures of it.

i wrote a while back about how we were changing things around our house and making a new boys room separate from dahlia's room. we got rid of our tv room and moved our tv into the living room that didn't get much use before. miles painted the room blue with a dark blue accent at the top and we bought a new bunk bed for it. miles was working six days a week during this process so it took a while for us to get the room painted.

we moved mason's dresser and the bookshelf with canvas bins that we have been using as connor's dresser in the room. we also moved the toy bins in here as well. there is still tons of space. our long term plan is to get a new dresser for connor and move the little white book shelf into dahlia's room to be used for toys. we also think we will buy a desk at some point so mason can do his homework in here.

we kind of did a space theme and purchased the solar system quilts from land of nod. i think they look great. there isn't much artwork up yet but we had a "j. otto" print that worked perfectly with our theme. we also hung the growth charts in the corner that they have had since they were born. miles was thinking he might paint stars in the dark blue portion of the wall but he hasn't quite decided how to do that.

they love their new room. mason has been sleeping on the top bunk since we got it all set up. connor and dahlia still sleep with us in our bed. we have tried to get them to sleep on the bottom bunk but it hasn't caught on just yet.

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