Monday, September 2, 2013

cloudy beach day

today was labor day so we made plans to hang out with jen, ray, christina, and all the kids. we traditionally have a camping weekend at our house complete with granola and tie dye t-shirts, but it has been crazy hot and just miserable here so we canceled that.

we decided to go to jen and ray's house instead and all go to the beach. it was a bit cloudy and overcast but a million times nicer than sweating at my house. the kids started out by flying kites. this activity is very fun but can never hold their attention for more than five minutes. luckily there was an ocean to jump and play in. they all spent hours playing in the water.

connor and kira were so funny walking on all fours pretending to be crabs. dahlia, mason, bodhi, and zena all loved jumping in the surf. they stayed in the water until their lips were turning blue. christina and jen finally convinced them to come back to our towels and help build a giant sand boat. this was very funny. they were jumping in the "boat" and pretending to drive it.

we cleaned up after the beach at jen and ray's house before cooking a delicious barbecue chicken dinner with corn on the cob. school starts tomorrow for connor so we didn't stay too late. it was a great labor day.

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