Tuesday, September 3, 2013

preschool started

connor started preschool today. the first day is really just an introductory class and the parents stay with the kids the whole time. it is only for an hour. they get to meet their teachers and see the classroom. they have the opportunity to meet some of their classmates.

connor is in the red door classroom just like dahlia last year. he has the same teacher she had. i am so happy that he was familiar with the classroom and it didn't seem scary at all for him. we will see how he does on thursday when i just drop him off and leave.

he enjoyed looking around the classroom and then playing for a little bit on the playground. it was hot so we didn't stay long.

i had a really rough day. mason woke up last night screaming that his ears were hurting. i only got an hour of sleep because i stayed up consoling him. i took him to the doctor today and they told me he must have swimmers ear. miles met us there to take dahlia to dance class and as soon as we got in the car mason threw up all over. it was so gross. it got everywhere. man. i took him home and cleaned the car. miles picked up the ear drops at the pharmacy during dahlia's dance class. they cost us $160.00. i can't believe how expensive they were. it was a long day.

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