Friday, September 13, 2013


this week was dahlia's turn to have the kindergarten stuffed animal "wrinkles" for the week. she was so excited and happy to take him home. every day this week she gets to share something about herself. wrinkles gets to spend the whole week at our house. mason did this with a different "wrinkles" when he was in kindergarten so dahlia was happy to have her turn.

on monday we turned in a poster with pictures of our family and a list of things she likes and doesn't like. she also shared five things that tell something about her. she brought: the movie "blue lagoon", tap shoes, swim goggles, a metal from the little gym, and dahlia seeds.

on tuesday she shared a picture of her favorite stuffed dog "plum."

on wednesday she was supposed to wear her favorite outfit. she wanted to wear her gymnastics outfit but it also happened to be picture day so she picked out a pretty pink dress instead.

on thursday she shared her favorite toy doll named "orange."

today she got to share her family. miles, connor, and i all went to her classroom to meet the class. they asked us questions about our favorite vacation place and favorite kind of car. it was very sweet. i thought it was funny that miles was actually worried about going to her classroom. he had stage fright.

we had a busy week with wrinkles filled with dahlia's favorite things. we took wrinkles with us to the discovery science center, the soup plantation, movie night outside, the mall to buy dahlia's costume, dance class, and gym class. today she had to bring wrinkles back to school and the teacher picked someone else for him to go home with for the week. we were sad to send him back. wrinkles is very loved around here.

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