Sunday, September 22, 2013

owl party

yesterday we went to a birthday party for our friend's daughter madeleine. they always throw the best parties. the decorations are always so pretty and the food is delicious. they also happen to be super fun to hang out with so it a win win.

jen and ray came with bodhi, kira, and zena. the party was of course a blast. they had a bounce house in the back. my kids took off their shoes and right away jumped in. this year they had an owl theme for the party. she had paper lanterns decorated like owls, and tons of balloons. there were owl shaped sugar cookies and graham crackers that looked like owls with marshmallows eyes and a candy corn nose.

there was a craft station where the kids could make little owls out of foam stickers. tons of sweets were everywhere. cake pops, cake, cupcakes, candy, cookies. there was a bit too much sugar sitting around. luckily my kids were too distracted by the bounce house and little cars to indulge.

we stayed super late until connor started crying. we always stay just a little bit too long. for party favors they each got to pick out a stuffed owl that she had made herself. they are just adorable and just a little bit different.

after the party we all went back to our house and had a big sleepover. the kids snuggled with their new stuffed owls and fell asleep. it was adorable and such a fun day.

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