Sunday, September 29, 2013

koi fish and carrom

we went to a birthday party for dahlia's friend from preschool. dahlia has her favorite friend that she met on her first day. as luck would have it i happen to love her mom. she is so fun and nice. that is the way you always hope things will go. she and her husband had a little birthday barbecue for her daughter today and our whole family went. it was the first time i had been to their house. it is absolutely lovely. they have the most beautiful and peaceful looking koi pond right in their backyard.

the kids had so much fun playing on her new swing set. it is really nice. they just finished landscaping their backyard so everything looks so nice. they had these really fun wooden carrom games for the kids to play with. mason loved that. it was a little bit too advanced for connor, but he had fun trying to play.

the food was delicious. grilled burgers and the best bruschetta i have ever tasted. we had lots of fun.

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