Sunday, October 4, 2009

party time

we had a birthday party for mason and my mom today. it was so fun. mason is four. four! i loved the party. i get so excited about my kid's birthdays. much more excited about their birthday than my own. we just had a small party for the family. my girlfriend carla also came with her two kids so mason was thrilled to have another friend to play with. it was so cute to see him interact with emily.

mason wanted a transformer theme which i was so not thrilled about. we kept the decorations to a minimum so it wasn't a big deal. as guilty as i feel using paper plates and plastic tablecloths i have to say the cleanup was a breeze. we had carne asada tacos and salmon tacos for lunch. we did a mexican theme menu. it was yummy and super easy. i should have made margaritas. i guess i just forgot since i am not drinking. we did have pacifico beer and some wine for everyone though. miles made these spicy carrots that were over the top spicy. i only tasted one and that was enough for me. i am a whimp. my favorite part was eating the cake. we had two cakes for the two birthdays. chocolate and white. what more could you ask for? mason got lots of presents and of course insisted on playing with all of them at the same time once the party was over. my living room is filled with toys right now. tomorrow we head off to disneyland to celebrate his real birthday. hurray.

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