Friday, October 16, 2009

32 weeks pregnant

well i am almost 33 weeks pregnant so i thought i should show off the belly. here is a photo of miles and i at the wedding we went to last sunday. i am not big on taking pictures of myself while i am pregnant. i feel like i just look like a big fatty. oh well. i thought i should post at least one. especially since we got all dressed up.

i am so happy that the baby will be here soon. i am super uncomfortable now and it would be fun to meet him. we are almost ready. we just bought a bookcase from target that we are going to put bins in and use as a makeshift dresser. we priced out a matching dresser like the one we got for mason and dahlia and it was going to be $750.00. that is not in our budget right now so we settled for the temporary $75.00 bookcase. i still think it looks nice. the only stuff i really needed to buy for the baby was diapers, wipes, new bottle nipples, and a cute take home outfit for the hospital. we have all the other stuff from mason and dahlia. poor third baby gets all the hand-me-downs. i don't think he will mind.

i am thinking i only have about 4-5 weeks left. both mason and dahlia were early so i am hoping this one will be early also. i don't want him to stay in and just get bigger. yikes. i am already worried about labor. ohh. it hurts so bad. luckily i tend to have fast labors. oh i just remembered i still need to get the celebratory bottle of veuve clicquot champagne for when i come home from the hospital. mmmm. i can't wait.

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