Saturday, October 17, 2009

pick a pumpkin

christina and i took the kids to the pumpkin patch this morning. they had fun looking through all the pumpkins and picking the best one. mason wanted a tall one. it was a large pumpkin patch with pony rides and a bounce house. my kids don't really like the whole bounce house thing. they were all about picking a pumpkin. they did get a balloon animal from the balloon guy. i don't think this balloon guy was very good and i felt a bit bad for him when mason stared at his balloon with complete disappointment. "that's not a robot" i quickly ushered him away before he started to cry. it was crazy hot again this year at the pumpkin patch. i don't like the 100 degree heat in october. i am over it. time for some fall weather please.

after the pumpkins we went with zena to her soccer game. it was fun to see her play. the games are very short. only one hour. that is good because my kids were already going crazy sitting there. they were too tired to stay for church so we skipped it this week. mason and dahlia both crashed out on the way home. of course that meant they stayed up super late with all the energy from their long nap. sigh.

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