Saturday, October 10, 2009

heritage day parade

we went to placentia's heritage day parade today. my niece zena was marching in it for her soccer group. we had to wake up super early to get there in time. i just put the kids in the car with their pajamas on and then got them dressed at my mom's house. they were basically still asleep when we had to leave.

the parade ended up taking a lot longer than i had expected. it was three hours before we saw zena march by. the kids were getting a bit bored so auntie christina entertained them by tickling them. it was so funny watching them laugh hysterically. the parade is very cute and has a real small town feel to it. the firetrucks were a big hit with mason. after the parade there is a party in the park with kettle corn and lots of craft booths. we didn't get to stay very long because we had to go to a birthday party. zena was sad to see us leave so soon, but we will see her tomorrow at our friend's wedding.

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