Sunday, October 25, 2009

boo at the zoo

miles and i met jen, ray, and bodhi at the zoo today. we took the kids with us of course. they were having a halloween event. it is was really cool. they had lots of snake and spider exhibits. there were a few spots to trick-or-treat, and a nice pumpkin patch photo area. mason was being a bit of a pill. he didn't want to go through the trick-or-treat lines. whatever, i wasn't going to force him to get candy. we didn't stay very long. i got tired walking up all the hills. the zoo is really a workout. it was really nice to have miles with us. he doesn't come on many of our outings and the kids love to be with him. we all went back to our house and let the kids play together in the yard. this was much nicer for me. sitting in the yard watching the kids play while eating salad and sandwiches. now if only i could have a glass of wine.

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