Monday, October 5, 2009

happy birthday little guy

today is mason's birthday. he is four years old. what a sweetie. we of course went to disneyland to celebrate. we bought him his first annual pass. you can use the price of your free birthday ticket toward the cost of an annual pass so it is a really good deal. i think he was a bit exhausted after all the celebrating yesterday so we only stayed until 6:00. jen and bodhi met us there. they were trying to get us to stay until 8:00 to see the fireworks but mason was done. he was asking to go home so we left. that was fine with me. i am so tired.

mason is at a really cute stage right now. i think he really wants some friends. he loves to interact with other kids. as soon as we get an income i am going to put him in preschool. i think he would love it. he is 32 pounds and 41 inches tall. he is pretty good at recognizing all the letters in the alphabet and can count to twenty. he can write some of the letters, but seems to make some of them backwards like the "s." he is pretty much potty trained. he was very difficult to potty train and i am so happy that he finally seems to get it. he can almost write his name without help. not bad. i really want to spend the next year focusing on teaching him. i want him to be ready for kindergarten. oh yes, he also has been sleeping ALL NIGHT in his own bed. oh my gosh. this is a big one around our house. he has always slept with us and now he seems to want to sleep in his own bed. what a big boy.

happy birthday mason. mommy loves you very much.

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