Saturday, April 30, 2011

18 months

connor is 18 months old. he is so crazy cute lately. he is talking more and more everyday. his new words are juice, dog, ball, and pop (for popsicle.) we have been spending every moment together. really. he is at the age where he follows me all around the house and hangs on to my leg or skirt. it is really a bit much. he still is using a bottle but we hope to take that away from him soon. he does this funny thing where he has to put his hand down my top while he is drinking his bottle. it reminds me of how dahlia used to put her finger in her belly button when she used to drink a bottle.

he is a really considerate little guy. he loves to help whenever he can. he is the first to help me pick up the toys or hand me the remote control. so sweet. he is finally big enough to play with mason and dahlia. they have so much fun playing together.

he is getting big. he weighs 22 pounds and is 31.5 inches tall. he had his check up with the pediatrician and this was the first time he met all the milestones of an average 18 month old. she said it usually takes almost three years for preemies to catch up so he was doing great. whew! he is still just barely on the charts for his weight and height but i am sure he will catch up soon. i just love my baby connor.

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