Friday, April 15, 2011

worst babysitter ever

yes it is true. i am the worst babysitter ever. ugh. jen and ray called me yesterday to tell me jen was in labor and could i please watch bodhi for them. yes, yes of course. so i drove down to santa monica, picked him up and brought him back to my place.

mason, dahlia, bodhi, and connor were all playing outside on the swingset and i was outside watching. for some reason bodhi decided to jump off the top platform of the swingset to the ground. when he landed he was crying that his leg hurt and so i picked him up, took him inside and cleaned him up. there was no visible injury to his leg so i guessed he was tired and sat with him on the couch while we all watched tv. he soon fell asleep and had a long nap. after he woke up he was still saying his leg hurt. hmmmm. i was starting to get worried that he was really hurt.

miles soon came home and checked him out. no bruising, no swelling, no problem moving the ankle around. miles thought it wasn't anything serious. i talked to jen and ray to let them know what happened but we didn't think he was hurt bad. i did not want them to have to worry because jen had just given birth a couple of hours ago. they had enough to worry about.

so this morning when he was still saying his leg hurt and wasn't walking on it. i really started to panic. i called ray and told him he should see bodhi and maybe take him to a doctor. i kept mason home from school and took all the kids with me to their house. ray met me and decided to take bodhi to their doctor.

while ray was with bodhi, i had to go with all my kids and pick up jen and baby kira from the hospital. man, what a day. it took me a hour to get her and then i very carefully drove them home.

poor ray had to take bodhi for x-rays where they found he had a hairline fracture of his tibia. super. he then had to take him to the emergency room for a temporary cast. man. i feel terrible. i can't believe i only had to watch him for a day and he broke his leg. i realize it isn't my fault and jen and ray were very nice for not blaming me but geez. why me? now poor jen and ray have to take care of a newborn and a three year old in a cast.

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