Monday, April 4, 2011

the aquarium

mason is on spring break this week so i have a ton of activities planned. today jen and i took the kids to the long beach aquarium. we decided to get a membership. i am so excited. we have been here a few times in the past and the kids always love it. i am really obsessed with anything relating to the ocean so i love it too. it is so cool to look at all the different sea animals. i wanted to join before but it was a bit expensive. luckily they offer a family membership for two adults and all your kids that is not too much. it was the perfect deal for us.

we didn't stay all day because now that we are members we can come back whenever we want to. i think we were there for three hours which was long enough for me. the kids were getting a little cranky. they definitely loved the outside exhibits the most including the shark lagoon. mason was pretty worried that the sharks might try and eat him so he did not want to touch them. they all loved the giant water-squirting squid playground. there was a large boat that the kids could play in. so fun. my favorite was looking at the jelly fish. they are just beautiful. it was a fun visit. i am so happy we can return soon.

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