Friday, April 1, 2011

survivor challenge

today was very busy but very fun. mason's school had an obstacle course on the playground that they let all the kids participate in. they do this event every year. they call it survivor challenge. the parents are encouraged to come and cheer their kid along. i went with dahlia and connor. it was crazy hot. why is it so hot already? the obstacle course had 16 different challenges that had to be completed. some of them were: tires that had to be jumped through, tunnels to crawl through, a skateboard slalom, a "spider web" that you had to climb through, and a sack race to finish it off. it was so cute and funny to watch the kindergarten kids try to do all the complicated tasks. there was a lot of confusion and chaos. the funniest section was one where they make you do the macarena. mason just stood there looking lost. i don't blame him. who would want to do the macarena? mason loved being outside and had a blast. such a fun way to end the week.

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