Sunday, April 24, 2011


happy easter. man today was a long day. i am super tired. we stayed the night last night at christina's house so we wouldn't have to rush in the morning and drive an hour for church. this plan sounded better than it actually was. the kids were so excited it took forever for them to fall asleep. all five of us ended up sleeping on a queen sized blow up mattress on the floor. it was very crowded and uncomfortable so needless to say we didn't get much sleep. we decided that next year we will just stay at our house. it is only an hour drive.

we all went to my mom's church in the morning and then back to christina's house for brunch. it was nice and relaxing. miles and i surprised the kids with a new wagon. they love it. they were getting wagon rides all around the backyard. so cute. i did not get a chance to make dahlia's easter dress this year and i was pretty bummed. i did manage to find a super cute dress for her so she still looked adorable. next year i hope to sew one though. all the kids got lots of treats in their baskets and more from the egg hunt. the egg hunt was pretty cute. bodhi was the big winner and found the most eggs despite his having a broken leg. it was a fun easter day. now for sleep.

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