Saturday, April 30, 2011

meet wrinkles

mason got to bring home the class "pet" wrinkles for a week. wrinkles is an adorable stuffed dog that gets to spend a week at home with all of the students. when it is your week everyday you get to share something with the class.

monday he had to bring in a poster with family photos and share five objects that tell something about him. he brought in the book knuffle bunny, raiders of the lost ark movie, lego star wars video game, a drawing of a boat, and his diving mask.

tuesday he brought in a photo of his favorite stuffed animal rudolph the reindeer.

wednesday he wore his favorite star wars t-shirt.

thursday he shared his favorite lego toy.

friday he had me, dahlia and connor visit his class (daddy was at work) for a meet and greet. throughout the week we took pictures with wrinkles and kept a journal of our activities.

it was a fun experience. mason loved wrinkles. i was surprised how attached he got to this little stuffed dog. he slept with wrinkles every night and he has never slept with a stuffed animal before. everyday after school he would bring wrinkles outside for a picnic and play on the swings with him. when it was time to return wrinkles mason got really sad. he told me that wrinkles was going to miss him. it was just adorable. to tell you the truth i got a little sad too. that little dog is crazy cute.

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Jen said...

oh my gosh that is too cute. although i keep thinking mr. wrinkles must be covered in germs from all the sharing. hopefully they keep mr. wrinkles very clean.