Tuesday, November 22, 2011

dahlia is four

dahlia turned four today. she is getting so big. we had a busy day with school and gym class so we didn't really do anything for her birthday. her teachers sang happy birthday to her at the little gym so that was fun for her. jen, bodhi, and kira came over after class for dinner. we cooked pizza and let the kids stay up late. mason doesn't have school for the next six days. yay.

i love that i have a little girl. i never thought i would get to have a daughter and it is so fun to have another female around here. she is super girly and loves to dress up. she will usually change her outfit including shoes at least two or three times a day. her favorite toy is her baby doll named orange and a little stuffed dog named plum. they often come with us on outings.

she is super sweet and still very independent. she is not in preschool yet and i feel really bad about it. i need to find one and get her enrolled. she loves to do homework with mason. i usually make copies of his worksheets for her to do with him.

she likes to play with connor while mason is in school. her favorite activities include digging in the dirt, dressing up like a princess, and making soups on her play stove with carrots, mushrooms, and celery that she takes out of the refrigerator. she is 32 pounds and 41 inches tall. that puts her in the 25 percentile for weight and 75 percentile for height.

happy birthday baby girl. i love you very much.

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