Saturday, November 26, 2011

trains and birthdays

we went to my friends house for a double birthday celebration. my friends carla and her sister nicole both have little girls with a birthday one day apart. nicole lives up north so we don't get to see her very often. this year they planned a party at their parents house for both of the girls. it was so fun to have everyone get together.

their dad wayne has this amazing train collection that he has spent years putting together. it is really incredible. there is a whole room in their house devoted to the train. mason was in heaven. all the kids loved watching the train run. it was super cool. i was really impressed with all the details. you can tell wayne really loves his trains.

they also had rented a really large bounce house with a slide that the kids had a blast playing in. they jumped for hours. after we all had lunch the kids got to break open two pinatas. there was candy and little toys everywhere. then it was time for cake. two cakes! we all had a really great time at the party. we stayed pretty late and of course the kids fell fast asleep driving home.

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