Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the advent calendar

everyone here is sick again. mason stayed home from school today. we actually had a fun day though. we made an advent calendar. whew. just in time. jen had the idea of making one so she went to michaels and got the stuff yesterday. they are going to make their own at their house.

we used little white bags and lots of different stickers. i printed the numbers on sticker paper from my computer. i put the numbers on the bags but the kids did all the rest of the decorating. they were really creative with the stickers. mason took the center pieces of the snowflake stickers and used it to make icicles on the roof of a house and as ornaments for the christmas trees. i am always impressed with their different ideas. all the bags are so cute and different from one another.

when they were all done i hung them over a window with a long string and clothespins. now i just need to get a bunch of treats to fill them. i have a couple of things i can use until i can shop this weekend.

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