Monday, November 14, 2011

discovery science center

after school today i took the kids to orange county to visit the discovery science center. we were going to go on friday but connor was sick so we posponed the trip until today. it was a good thing we did. the people that worked there said it was crazy busy friday and the weekend. it was really empty today. i loved it. jen met me there with bodhi and kira. it was a really fun visit. they got to play with all the exhibits. there was a really fun one about recycling where you have to sort trash into the correct bin. it is like a race to get the most points.

of course they spent most of their time at their favorite exhibits like the dinosaurs outside. it was so nice to not have a bunch of people there. i could let them run around and still keep track of where they were.

after we left the center we met my mom and sister for dinner at the soup plantation. the kids were really good. i actually got to eat my dinner without getting up every two minutes. it was a great day. so nice to get out of the house.

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