Monday, November 21, 2011

hello kitty party

yesterday was dahlia's birthday party. what a fun day. i was really running behind as usual for this party. we had to rethink the party because it poured rain the whole day and the party had to be inside. we had ordered a bounce house but it was raining when the guy showed up so we were able to cancel it without paying a cancellation fee. that was nice.

i was super worried that nobody was going to show up with the weather being so bad but everyone came. it was great that miles made the spin art box. the kids loved doing the spin art. we had paintings drying all over the kitchen. we also had a station set up where the kids could make beaded necklaces and bracelets. everything turned out so nice.

we had a taco bar where you could make chicken or beef tacos with various toppings and salsas. there was also quesadillas for the kids, chips, quacamole, rice, beans, ceasar salad, and a fruit platter. everyone loved the food. i bought a food warmer serving tray so the meat and beans stayed warm. there was strawberry lemonade for the kids and beer and champagne for the adults.

for dessert i made chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing flavored with orange zest and a little white cake with whip cream icing. jen made her fabulous sugar cookies shaped like hello kitty.

for party favors i made these cute bags that looked like hello kitty's face. i also made the keroppi frog face ones for the boys. they were filled with hello kitty and keroppi note pads, pencils, erasers, bubble necklaces and tatoos.

dahlia looked so pretty for her party. she insisted on wearing her white party dress. she looked like an angel. i hope she had a fun day.

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